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Research Ethics Committee

According to Chapter L’ (Articles 277- 282) of Law 4957 (Government Gazette vol. A '141 / 21-7-2022), the establishment of a Research Ethics Committee of the University of Thessaly is foreseen.

European Programs

The European Programs constitute the key funding instrument of the European Union for research and innovation.

National Programs

The PA (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework) 2014-2020 is the key strategic plan for growth in Greece with the contribution of significant resources from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIFs) of the European Union.

You can find calls and projects of the PA by clicking on the following links:

Disclosure Guidelines

The Disclosure Guidelines for the programs of various Funding Bodies are listed on this page. The Disclosure Guidelines derive from the Community directives, the circulars and the disclosure guidelines of the programs with the aim to update the contractors which bear the responsibility of observing the above when executing the projects. The objective is to conserve the eligibility of the projects and the transparency of the implementing actions.
Circulars on Disclosure:

Technology Transfer Guide - Description

The Technology Transfer Guide is part of the Special Account Funding and Management Guide, hereinafter SARF, for the utilization of funds for scientific research, education, training, technological development and provision of relevant services, set up by virtue of Joint Ministerial Decision, No. 679/22.08.1996 on the “Amendment and replacement of decision No.

Quality Policy

Our VISION is the Special Account for Research Funds (SARF) to operate based on the best possible satisfaction of the serviced parties, to play a decisive role in the sector of claiming, administering and implementing European and National co-funded Programs and to constitute a di

The concept of invention (briefly)

An invention is a technical fabrication, which means a product, a method or a new use of an already known product that is:

Confidentiality and secrecy

The disclosure of an invention suspends the right to submit a Patent award application. Whatever the researchers’ decision about submittin