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Technology Transfer Guide - Description

The Technology Transfer Guide is part of the Special Account Funding and Management Guide, hereinafter SARF, for the utilization of funds for scientific research, education, training, technological development and provision of relevant services, set up by virtue of Joint Ministerial Decision, No. 679/22.08.1996 on the “Amendment and replacement of decision No. Β1/819 on the ‘establishment of Special Accounts for the funding of Research Projects and relevant Services or activities performed at the Higher Education Institutes or Technological Education Institutes in Greece’”, as amended and currently in force and in application of Law 3027/2002 on the “Regulation of matters of the School Building Organisation of higher education and other provisions”, article 3, as amended and currently in force. The Guide has been prepared by the Management Committee of the Special Account in application of article 3, par. 2(A), Law 3027/2002 and regulates the dissemination, utilization and exploitation of the results and products of research and other activities funded via the Special Account.