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Quality Policy

Our VISION is the Special Account for Research Funds (SARF) to operate based on the best possible satisfaction of the serviced parties, to play a decisive role in the sector of claiming, administering and implementing European and National co-funded Programs and to constitute a distinct organisation and efficient operation example for all the other SARFs of the country.

QUALITY for the Special Account for Research means effective provision of services and high feeling of satisfaction for the parties using such services.

Our GOALS are:

  • Maximum and optimum utilization of the European and National Program funds through transparent and meritocratic procedures for the benefit of the academic community and Greece
  • Achieving the goals of the program projects within the specified implementation deadline
  • Direct provision of services for the beneficiaries of the program implementation
  • Continuous updating of the academic community about the available programs and respective resources
  • Full knowledge and application of the institutional framework and technical instructions governing European and National Programs
  • Quick and effective cooperation of the receptors of SARF services
  • Assuming initiatives aiming at the continuous improvement of SARF services
  • Administration of the necessary resources for the observance and continuous improvement of the Quality System according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

In order to achieve the above, the Management and Employees are declaring their COMMITMENT to the following principles:  

  • application and continuous improvement of the Quality System according to ISO 9001:2015
  • perfect communication between the Administration and the Staff
  • perfect cooperation among all our staff members and creation of structured and effective groups
  • perfect cooperation with the bodies, the local society and academic community
  • continuous improvement of our know-how and diffusion in all personnel
  • selection and ongoing training of specialized staff
  • constant satisfaction of the parties from our provided services
  • adherence to the time and financial commitments for the carried-out projects
  • ongoing effort to reduce the problems related to the daily lives of the parties serviced by the SARF
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System procedures.

                                                                                                              The President