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Sociology of Education Laboratory

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86 20/04/2001
Department of Early Childhood Education
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Sociology Of Education

The Lab of Sociology of Education is located in the main campus of the University of Thessaly in Volos. The Lab belongs to the Department of Early Childhood Education at the University of Thessaly. The Lab of Sociology of Education conducts interdisciplinary research on education, childhood, and youth, and the commons in contemporary society. Although its focus is mainly sociological, researchers from other disciplines in the social sciences or the humanities (education, politics, social anthropology, psychology, or economics) are welcome to participate. The Laboratory is digitally equipped, and available to the users for elaborating data. The Lab is focused on discourse theory and analysis, ethnography, educational commons, and the social construction of youth and childhood identities in the conditions of late modernity and globalization. Furthermore, special attention is given to alternative pedagogies, such as the commons-based pedagogy and education.

Research Activities

The main aim of the lab is to promote theoretical understanding and provide empirical knowledge about childhood, youth, and education to reverse social inequalities and enable active social inclusion.

The Lab aims to fulfill the research and educative needs of students and teachers via specifically structured programs of research, lifelong learning and knowledge dissemination at the public at large.

The purpose is to bring together members of the Faculty interested and engaged in theoretically significant social research, which is empirically grounded.

Research Projects

SMOOTH EDUCATIONAL SPACES. PASSING THROUGH ENCLOSURES AND REVERSING INEQUALITIES THROUGH EDUCATIONAL COMMONS (SMOOTH, Call: H2020-SC6-TRANSFORMATIONS-2020, Number: 101004491). Host Institution: University of Thessaly, Coordinator: Yannis Pechtelidis. 2021-2023.

“Blended Short-cycle Training Courses on ‘Commoning Practices’” (ComPra, 2020-KA203-CC093835). Erasmus plus. Host Institution: University of Thessaly, Coordinator: Yannis Pechtelidis. 2020-2023

Learning Initiative for Elementary school Fun Oriented Resuscitation Coaching Europewide (LΙFE-FORCE, 2020-1-EL01-KA201-079184). Erasmus plus. Host Institution: University of Thessaly, Coordinator: Yannis Pechtelidis. 2020-2022.

“Sociocultural Learning of Youth in Mobile Societies” (Acronym: SLYMS). Erasmus plus. Host Institution: University of Thessaly, Coordinator: Yannis Pechtelidis. 2018-2021.

“ʻHeteropoliticsʼ: Refiguring the Common and the Political”. Acronym: HETEROPOLITICS. Action number: 724692. Action Title: ERC COG (ERC Consolidator Grant 2016). Senior Collaborator: 2017-2020.

“Border Regimes: Political and cultural aspects of the refugee crisis in the case of Chios 2015-2016”. (ΕΔΒΜ34, MIS: 5005539. Host Institution: University of Thessaly, Coordinator: Yannis Pechtelidis. 2017 – 2019.

“Project in Citizenship and Mathematics” (PiCaM). Project number 2017-1-UK01-KA201-036675. Erasmus plus. Host Institution: University of Thessaly. Collaborator.

“The Indignant Generation. Space, power and culture in the youth movement of 2011: a transnational perspective (GENIND)”. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Spain). VI National Scientific Research, Development and Innovation 2008-2011. [CSO2012-34415], Collaborator: 2012-15.

“Limitations of Childhood in Literature and Theories of Socialization”, University of Thessaly, funded by the Research Committee of the University of Thessaly, Position: Project leader, 2009-2010

Mathematics, Technology, Education and Genderʼ (short title) funded by EPEAEK Pythagoras I [Greek Ministry of Education Research Grand for Supporting Research Teams], Researcher, 2007-2008.

Research Results / Products

Undergraduate and postgraduate students’  assignments.

Doctoral theses.

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