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Regional Economic Analysis and Policy Laboratory

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200 27/08/1996
Department of Planning and Regional Development
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Research Categories
Socio-Economic Development
Economic Sciences

This Lab specialises in academic and applied research related to regional problems and regional policies in sub-national, national and European level. With the use of modern statistical and economic methods and in-site-research, it provides expertise reports to regional and local governments related to future regional prospects, including the projection of vital economic indicators. The Lab specialises in the design of development policies for cities or regions undertaking severe structural adjustments, lagging behind regions, or areas facing serious economic threats from the on-going processes of integration and transition in Europe.

Research Activities

Development plans and local development programs, strategic development plans (master plans) and financial reports.

Consultancy and support to local, national or European institutions on issues related to development policies at local and regional scale.

Statistical analysis and forecasts in local, regional, national and international level.

Analysis of the local business potentials and program planning for the promotion of local economies.

Business plans for the inclusion of enterprises in development programs.

Business plans for the utilization of municipal and public property.

Location investment studies.

Economic analysis of the European space at national and regional level, and evaluation of the effects of regional economic integration and structural and sectoral policies of the European Union.

Support to the educational process and research activity of the Department of Planning and Regional Development.

Research Projects

Horizontal actions - Creation of a Regional Pole of Innovation in the Region of Thessaly, General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and the European Union in the framework of the 3rd Community Support Framework, 2006-2008.

Evaluation consultant for the Operational Programs of Thessaly in the context of NSRF, 2007-2013, Region of Thessaly, 2005.

The Greek system of urban centres: structural transformations, social cohesion and strategies of balanced growth, Ministry of Education, European Union "Pithagoras II", 2005.

Regional convergence and divergence in Greece and in enlarged Europe. Evaluation of economic trends and planning of cohesion and development policies, Ministry of Education, European Union "Pithagoras II", 2005.

Master Plan of the Municipality of Ferron, Municipality of Ferron, 2008.

Master Plan of the Municipality of Plateos, Municipality of Plateos, 2007.

Study on the reforming of the Public Investment Program of Greece, Ministry of Economy and Finance, 2004.

Regional competitiveness in Greece: context, strategy, institutions, Ministry of Development, 2004.

Measure system of competitiveness of Greek regions, Ministry of Development, 2004.

Master plan of Magnesia region, Prefecture of Magnesia.

Master plan of the city of Volos, Municipality of Volos, 2004.

Master plan of the region of Karditsa, region of Thessaly, 2004.

Competitiveness of the medium-sized regions in the European area, Irakleitos, Ministry of Education, 2003-04.

Record of the existing structures in supporting of the vulnerable social groups (EQUAL) in local level Municipality of Larissa, 2003.

Formation of Organization chart of DEYAMB, DEYAMB 2003.

Investigation of the external environment of synergies and demand of O.P. Competitiveness, BCS 2003.

Local economic development and city competition in the context of European integration in the countries of the cohesion fund, Ministry of Education / European Union "IRAKLEITOS" 2002.

Pilot implementation of task management and monitoring of projects and related financings in the Region of Thessaly, ΥΠΕΣΔΑ 2002.

The regional consequences of project Greece 2004", Ministry of Culture", 2001.

Master plan of Larissa, Municipality of Larissa, 2001-02.

Local development project of Municipality of Alonissos, Municipality of Alonissos 2001.

Master Plan of Municipality of Artemidos, Municipality of Artemidos 2001.

Territorial priorities of urban network and urban agglomerations in Balkans, Ministry of Public Works and Investments 2000.

International seminar and conference for the development of Balkans, Ministry of Economy 2000.

Regional development program of Thessaly for the programming period 2000-2006, Region of Thessaly 1999.

Strategic plan for the development of Balkans’, Ministry of Economy, 1999. The development project of Magnesia during the 21st century"", Prefecture of Magnesia, 1998.

The spatial consequences of the Development Laws in the periods 1983-1990 and 1991-1997 EPOA 1998.

The international role of the capital city and the detection of activities needed for its implementation, Organization of Athens, 1998.

The spatial consequences of the Olympics 2004 1997.

Land policy in Greece, Ministry of Public Works and Investments, 1997.

Master Plan of University of Thessaly, University of Thessaly 1997.

The enterprises of the prefecture of Magnesia: investigation of the characteristics, trends, stances and needs of the members of the Chamber of Magnesia, Chamber of Magnesia 1996.

Study-Research for the holiday homes in Greece, Ministry of Public Works and Investments 1996.

Study-Research for the rural space Ministry of Public Works and Investments 1996.

Development study of the prefecture of Magnesia OAED 1995.

Development study of Almiro OAED 1994.

Compilation of the URBAN project Volos - N. Ionia, Ministry of Economy 1994.

Study for the upgrading of the Aliveri region in the Municipality of N. Ionia, Municipality of N. Ionia, 1994.

Formation of the strategic development plan for the transportation infrastructure in Greece - 2010 Ministry of Economy 1993.

Study for the establishment and organization of local entity of administration and operational of the industrial district in Karditsa, ANKA ΑΕ / ΕΤΒΑ 1992.

Local Development Program of the Development Association Kampos, Prefecture of Karditsa, ANKA, 1991.

Laboratory Infrastructure

The lab has available a broad array of statistical databases on economic, demographic and social characteristics of countries and regions in local, regional, national and international level. Also it has accessibility in international databanks relative to its research interests. More analytically the available databases include: a) Time series  economic, demographic, structural and macroeconomic data as well as data about employment/unemployment, investments and infrastructure for Greece (ELSTAT, Allmedia), b) International databases with economic, demographic, structural and macroeconomic data as well as data for infrastructures for the entire world and especially the EU (UN, World Bank, OECD, Eurostat, IMF, Espon, WIIW, ITC, APEC), c) Database with economic, demographic and structural data for the regions of EU in NUTSII and NUTSIII level (Regio database), d) Database with economic, demographic and structural data for the regions of Eastern Europe and especially of Balkans (SEED Database), e) Database for the investment incentives and the programs of European Commission.

Advanced computer infrastructure.

Advanced computer programs for the statistical (Eviews, SPSS, STATA) and the cartographic analysis (Arcgis).

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