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Pomology laboratory

Government gazzette
38 22/02/1995
Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment
+30 24210 93181
Research Categories
Fruiting Plants

The Pomology lab covers teaching and research needs of the Department for fruit tree science. The lab consists of offices, storage, research laboratory and walk-in cold room in the School of Agriculture and 0.7 ha orchard for student and farmer training and research in the Velestino Experimental Farm. The laboratory covers the teaching subjects of Pomology, Plant Propagation, Postharvest Technology, Physiology of Horticultural Crops, Integrated and Organic Fruit Production. The research areas include tree and fruit physiology, postharvest handling innovations, the effects of light, nutrition, irrigation and abiotic stresses on tree physiology and fruit quality and application of Precision Agriculture.

Research Activities

Effects of abiotic factors (light, water shortage, ozone, particulate matter contamination) on fruit tree physiology and fruit quality and storage ability.

Precision agriculture application in fruit production.

Good Agricultural Practices (irrigation, fertilization, non-chemical pest management methods)Q applications in fruit production.

Innovations in postharvest fruit handling.

Research Projects

Light effects on fruit growth and quality in apple and apricot.

Application protocols for the use of 1–MCP (ethylene action inhibitor) in storage of Greek apples.

IRRIQUAL, Sustainable orchard irrigation for improving fruit quality and safety.

Studies on the pygmy fruit disorder in apples from Pelion mountain.

Spatial and temporal variability applications in agriculture: cotton and apple production systems.

Regional Innovation Cluster in Thessaly, Act A3: Use of instrumented spheres to evaluate fruit quality loss from bruising.

Thalis, Use of ozone in postharvest handling of horticultural products.

Laboratory Infrastructure

Equipment for measuring fruit and vegetable quality.

Plant physiology measuring field equipment: photosynthesis gas analyser, water potential, chlorophyll fluorescence.

Measurement and logging climatic data and soil humidity.

Ozone and O2/CO2 analyzers.

Research Results / Products

Good irrigation and fertilization agricultural practices in olive, peach, citrus.

Quality loss evaluation protocol during harvest and postharvest handling of fruits.

Precision application and variable nutrient rate application in olive, apple pear.

Air contaminants on the physiology and fruit quality in olive and peach.

Alternative environmentally-friendly pest control, stress alleviation and fruit quality improvement methods.

Innovative methods to sustain fruit quality during postharvest handling.

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+30 24210 93181