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MED Greenhouses

Green Growth through the capitalization of innovative Greenhouses”

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Brief description:

The project will capitalize results of other EU successful projects by promoting, disseminating & transferring innovative Greenhouses in the MED area, minimizing water & energy demand. The project will stimulate environmental awareness on issues related to energy & water efficiency & sustainable production, contributing to Green Growth & promoting sustainable development.


  •  Improve    eco-innovation    capacities    of    public    &    private    actors    in    the greenhouse/agriculture sector through stronger transnational cooperation, knowledge transfer & better networks between research bodies, businesses, public authorities & civil societies.
  • Improve the existing innovation framework conditions on the MED agricultural sector.
  • Strengthen & empower innovation clusters & networks in  the field of agriculture/greenhouse production.

Project Main Results:

  1. Develop, promote & integrate policy Recommendations (favouring cooperation between actors of the 4helix) in local & regional planning in order to boost eco-innovative greenhouses at transnational level.
  2. Establish an Agricultural Innovative Cluster in the MED area creating synergies & cooperation mechanisms between the actors of the 4helix of the agricultural/greenhouse sector.
  3. Increase  the  capacity  building  of  the  members  (actors  of  the  4helix)  of  the innovative cluster through knowledge transfer, training courses (seminars, webinars), training platform.


8 Partners: Technological Education Institute of Thessaly – Lead Partner (TEI of Thess), University of Thessaly (UTH), Region of Thessaly, Molise toward 2000, Euro-Mediterranean Water  Information  System  Technical  Unit  (SEMIDE),  Spanish  National  Research  Council (CEBAS-CSIC), Regional Council of Berat (RCB), Agricultural Research Institute (ARI).

2 Associated Partners: Riegos y Technologia S.L (RITEC), Regione Molise

6 countries: Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Albania, Cyprus

Project Budget: 1.171.400,00 €

Project Duration: 18 Months (01/02/2018-31/07/2019)