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Laboratory of Food Technology and Quality Control and Food Safety

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456 05/03/2004
Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment
+30 24210 93236
Research Categories
Technological Sciences
Τime And Motion Study
Processing Engineering
Biochemical Technology-Biotechnology
Fermentation Technology
Plant Products
Milk Products
Food Microbiology
Food Additives
Food Preservation
Technology Of Alcoholic Beverages
Animal Products
Strength of Materials
Chemical Technology And Engineering
Advanced Separation Methods
Surface And Interfacial Engineering
Chemical Reactions Engineering
Microstructured Materials
Transfer Phenomena

In 2008, the Laboratory of Food Technology and Quality Control and Food Safety (1 member of Staff) was organized and operated from the beginning. It has the responsibility of two undergraduate courses: (1) Food Technology and Manufacturing of Agricultural Products and (2)Food Safety and Quality Assurance in the students of the Department of Crop Agriculture and Rural Environment. Today the lab has equipments and hands on experience in the study of the following research topics: a) study of production of novel foods, b) establishment of new quality criteria and c) new innovative technologies for production and preservation of food safety products.

Research Activities

Effects of Thermal process of fruits and vegetables, antioxidant reactions  and quality of the final products.

Biochemical and physicochemical changes in food or in their constituents as result of metabolism reactions and methods of production and preservation.

Risk Analysis.

Taste Panels.

Improvement of quality of traditional products.

Study of food texture.

Functional foods.

New quality criteria for olive oil.

Research Projects

Detection of Salmonella and Staphylococcus Aureous in samples of Halva Farsalon. Research Program Funding by the Research Comity of University of Thessaly.

Participation in the action A1: Improvement in the quality and hygiene of food in combination with the modified air packaging and natural materials such as nisin and essences from Greek herbs. «Polos of Innovation THESSALIA» (1/12/2006–31/10/2008). Responsible for the investigation of the research of Halva Farsalon under conditions of modified air packaging.

"Design and production of new improved food from the natural sweeteners Stebiosides and Rebaoudiosides: Production in Industry healthy chocolate" (ΕΣΠΑ 2011–2013).

"Establishment of specific standards for rating and branding extra virgin olive oil, based on its properties as a natural nutraceutical food". Research programs for reinforcement new and small and medium businesses.

Laboratory Infrastructure

The laboratory of Food Technology and Quality Control and Food safety has the necessary research equipments and infrastructure to investigate quality factors, to design novel products and to explore the safety of many food products. A part of research equipments are: PCR, Viscometer ΗΑΑΚΕ VT500, BROOKFIELD, Texture Analyser (Texture Profile Analyzer), Miniscan XE plus by HunterLab –Color analysis, Air drying oven, apply fluorescence microscopy, photometry e.t.c.

Research Results / Products

Four scientific publications in international scientific journals.

One poster – new research results in word scientific conference.

Three poster in international conferences one of which got the first price of Postgraduate Research Project «Concentration of Stebioside and Rebaoudiosides for five different culcuvations of Stevia in the 25ο International Conference  1-4 Νοεμβρίου 2011 in Lemeco of Cyprus.

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