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Laboratory of Computational Geotechnical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering
+30 24210 74149
Research Categories
Soil Mechanics And Foundations
Static And Dynamic Analysis Of Constructions

The Laboratory of computational Geotechnical Engineering has been created in 2000 having as main objective the application of numerical analysis to Geotechnical Engineering. Its initial hardware includes 5 computers, peripheral units connected with the University network. Many personal computers have been enrich the capabilities of the lab together with two powerful servers (an HP with eight 8-cores processors and a FS with two 8-cores processors). The software includes finite element and finite difference programs such as FLAC 2D, FLAC 3D, SOFiSTiK. Some worksheet applications of simplified and empirical methods carried out within the process of students’ diploma thesis are also available. Both hardware and software are being substantially upgraded.

Research Activities

Research programs.

Assistance in Ph.D. and post-graduated research.

Research activities – publication in journal and conferences.

Educational assistance to students of Geotechnical Division.

Research Projects

Design criteria for rock–fill dams under seismic action, 1999–2001.

Assessment of stress and cinematic field of Ilarionas’ dam during construction and at the stage of impoundment, 2001–2003.

Funding for research activities of Civil Engineering Department, 2004.

Assessment of geotechnical conditions at the western slope of Skyros castle after the earthquake of 2001.

Response assessment of pile groups under vertical and lateral loading using 3–D non linear analysis, 2004.

Rehabilitation of the area at Kakourava’s installations after the development of a main landslide, 2004–2005.

Estimation and guidelines for the geotechnical capacity at the location of the new building for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2010–2011.

Laboratory Infrastructure

Server HP of high capabilities (with eight 8-core processors).

Server FS with two 8-core processors.

Software for analysing geotechnical projects FLAC2D, FLAC3D, SOFiSTiK.

Personal computers for educational purposes.

Research Results / Products

Publications in Α class international journals: 13.

Publications in international conferences: 16.

Publications in national conferences: 24.

Technical Reports: 7.

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+30 24210 74143
Senior Researcher
Senior Researcher