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Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment
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Research Categories

Object of Laboratory of Floriculture is the teaching and research on culture techniques of field and under cover floricultural crops as well as the theoretical and applied practices of use of Landscape plants in urban, and suburban environment. Objects and research interests are the propagation and micropropagation, growth regulation and flowering of ornamentals and floricultural plants, as well as of indigenous species with potential floricultural use, postharvest handing of cut flowers and foliages, hydroponics and soiless cultures of ornamental plants, landscape architecture and garden design.

Research Activities

Ornamental plant physiology.

Ornamental plant propagation and micropropagation.

Ornamental plant cultural techniques.


Research Projects

CLOsed SYStem for water and nutrient management in horticulture.

HydrionLine 3 Project.


New Systems for Agricultural Production in the Mediterranean Regions with Emphasis to the Sustainable Production and the Use of New Technologies.

Development and optimization of a new friendly to the environment system used both for development and heating of a soilless culture.

New technologies application for more friendly to the environment greenhouses.

Development of a innovate hydroponic system for building covering by plants and evaluation the effect on microclimate parameters.

Installation of a innovate hydroponic system in the greenhouse of the University of Thessaly.

Rational design of school yard and evaluation of the contribution on microclimate.

Effect of different shading levels on growth and production of potted gardenia plants (Gardenia jasminoides).

Laboratory Infrastructure

Tissue culture equipment.

Growth chambers.

Climate parameters sensors.


Drying oven.

Research Results / Products

Optimization of hydroponic nutrient solution use in soilless rose cultivation.

Selection of native ornamental plants for commercial floriculture.

Improvement the production of compact potted gardenia plants.

Improvement the microclimate of school yards.

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+30 24210 93204