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Laboratory of Transportation Environmental Acoustics

Department of Civil Engineering
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Environmental Control Systems
Acoustic Properties Of Solids
Architectural Acoustics
Shoc Waves

The "Laboratory of Transportation Environmental Acoustics" aims to assist the educational and research activity of students and researchers at the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Thessaly. The Laboratory is a helper for the creation of new inquiring directions, as well as for the aid of collaboration between all Laboratories of the Department of Civil Engineers and all other laboratories in the University. Analysing further, the objectives of the L.T.E.A. are: a) The creation and support of postgraduate and graduate educational and research programs, b) the guidance and monitoring of postgraduate & Ph.D. research, in the frameworks of transportation design, including methodological, theoretical, scientific and technical aspects, c) the collaboration with relevant Research Centres, Academic Institutes, Institutions and Technological Organisms in Greece as well as in the EU & overseas, d) the creation of researching and technological infrastructure so that postgraduate students are attracted to researching activities, e) the organisation of seminars and congresses regarding the continuous information and education of all personnel and students, f) the publication of Scientific Articles and Books, g) the collaboration with Organisms of Local Authorities, Municipalities and Research Institutes and h) the continuous updated Environmental Transportation Analysis Techniques.

Research Activities

The "Laboratory of Transportation Environmental Acoustics", creates a supportive research environment guiding the student and the researcher to develop new ideas and to contribute in the continuous updated high level education increasing the competitiveness and consequently the effectiveness of the work of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Research Projects

Research Program : “Detection of harmful chemical agents and noise from road traffic in toll booths in R/W Spathovouni » R.P. 4345, University of Thessaly - Department of Civil Engineering, MOREAS SA 2011

Research Program : “Detection of harmful chemical agents and noise in the toll stations of Attiki Odos from emissions from passing vehicles for years 2012-2013-2014” R.P. 4287, University of Thessaly - Department of Civil Engineering, ATTIKES DIADROMES SA 2012-2014

Research Program: “Annual Monitoring of Road Traffic Noise (R.T.N.) and air pollution from the operation of the road project PATHE: Section Metamorphosis - Skarfia »R.P. 4197 University of Thessaly - Department of Civil Engineering, NEA ODOS SA from 2010 to 2013

Research Program: “Monitoring of Road Traffic Noise (R.T.N.) from the operation of the road project, section: PATHE Maliakos – Kleidi’ R.P. 4171 University of Thessaly - Department of Civil Engineering, AEGEAN MOTORWAYS SA 2010.

Enhanced Driver Safety due to Improved Skid Resistance - SKIDSAFE in collaboration with Laboratory of Highway Engineering of the NTUA – Prof. A. Loizos.

Laboratory Infrastructure

L.T.E.A uses the existing infrastructure of the Department, as well as recent high effective metrology equipment, assisting the research and educational work development. In its installations of the Laboratory, both students and researchers will have access to various advanced acoustic & transportation equipment as well as very sophisticated software, ensuring the success in the completion of their research work.

Research Results / Products

Horizontal maps of acoustic environment prediction.

Configuration of specifications for acoustic measurements.

Evaluation of air pollutants.

Evaluation of acoustic environment.

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