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Laboratory of Geographical Research and Environmental Planning

Government gazzette
173 09/08/2000
Department of Planning and Regional Development
+30 24210 74493
Research Categories
Agricultural Economics
Forest Fires
Human Geography
Geographical Cartography
Regional Geography
Physical Geography
Natural Resources
Water Resources Management
Urban Planning, Rural Planning
Industrial Waste
Management Of Hazardous Substances
Water Pollution Control
Pollution Control Technology
Regional Planning
Regional Development
Physical Planning

The main objective of the laboratory is to serve the research and educational needs in the fields of Geography and Environmental Planning and Management. The research interests of the laboratory staff include Human Geography, Physical Geography, Geography of Developing Countries, Environmental Planning, Water Quality, Coastal Management, Waste Treatment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Ecosystems Analysis.The laboratory has been active in participating in research projects concerning Environmental Planning and Management, Geographical Research and Regional Planning and in organizing workshops and conferences focusing on these subjects.

Research Activities

Life: "Conservation and management of the Leesser Kestrel at three Greek SPA sites".

Life: Integration of end of life tires in the life cycle of road construction, "ROADTIRE" (10/09/2010 - 09/10/2012).

Life: Development of A Cost Efficient Policy Tool for reduction of Particulate Matter in AIR, "ACEPT-AIR" (01/09/2010-31/08/2014).

Wildlife monitoring and updating in Giona. S & B Industrial Minerals Inc.(2005-08).

Pythagoras I: Effects of the management model of agricultural ecosystems of Thessaly on biodiversity (2004-08).

Strategic management plan of Magnesia (2005).

Public and bodies awareness on protection and promotion of architectural and natural environment of mountainous and insular areas in Greece. Ministry of Environment (2000-03).

Management Plan of Megalo and Mikro Livari wetland, N. Euboea, Greece, Prefecture of Euboea. (2000-03).

Marosa ski-center establishment and research of planning and economic development of Aethikes municipality, Trikala, C. Greece. Prefecture of Trikala-Municipality of Aethikes. (2000-01).

Strategic Planning of Mountain Areas Development in Greece. Ministry of Environment. (1999-2000).

Spatial classification of agriculture in relation to economic efficiency and redefinition of less-favoured agricultural areas with emphasis on mountain and insular areas in Greece. Ministry of Agriculture. (1999-2000).

FAIR III Program: Differentiation and reorganizing of productive activities in mountain areas of Greece. European Union DG VI.(1997-2000).

Research of the rural areas of Greece. Ministry of Environment (1996-1997).

Strategic Management Actions Related to Tourism, European Union DG XXIII (1996-98).

Recreation trends of city people in Northern Greece. Ministry of Agriculture (1988-89).

Research Projects

ROADTIRE, Integration of end-of-life tires in the life cycle of road construction (Life 2009).

Development of A Cost Efficient Policy Tool for reduction of Particulate Matter in Air, "ACEPT-AIR" ENV/GR/000289 (Life 2009).

Improvement of water quality monitoring by using ecotoxicological analysis techniques (National program).

Evaluation of physicochemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of CaC2.

Social and professional reinstatement of People with Disabilities and Greek Gypsies through Recycling programme for Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment in Greece, Community Initiative Equal.

EU COMMUNITY INITIATIVE PROGRAMME, INTERREG III B ARCHIMED 2000-2006: Mediterranean Cooperation for On-Shore Accessibility and Sustainability Themes: Network for managing urban coastal areas (MedCOAST.Net) A.2.076.

Recycling – Anticipation of life Equal Initiative, funded by the European Union.

New forms of territorial governance for the promotion of landscape policies in the field of water resources management at water territories Net Wet 3 Interreg III B/Archimed, funded by the European Union (Α.1.115).

Networking perspectives of transnational co-operation and participatory planning for integrated water resources management through the promotion of new forms of spatial governance Net Wet 2-Waternet Interreg III B/CADSES, funded by the European Union (2A026).

IN.DE. (Information Development) (Interreg III B/CADSES).

Toxicity evaluation of major discharges in the coastal areas by using various bioassay and biomarker techniques, program of Greece – Turkey cooperation, funded by the European Union, 25/2/2003-25/2/2005.

Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development in Forest Island Areas. "THALES" (2012-2015) [2nd in Pan-Hellenic evaluation]

Local society’s vision for development,focusing on the environmental project of reconstituting Lake Karla (Research Committee of the University of Thessaly 2011 – 2013).

Methodology Development for the Assessment of the Tourism Carrying Capacity of Pelion and Northern Sporades, and submiting proposals for the planning of tourism policy, development of necessary infrastructure, management of environmental resources and the regulation of residential development (2009-2010). Funding: Magnesia Prefecture).

Management and development actions in the Natura 2000 site "Pelion mountain with incorporation of local communities attitudes" Ministry of Environment.

Awareness Actions for the Implementation of Directive 92/43/EC concerning the protection of natural habitats as well as of wild fauna and flora in Central Greece. EU (2002-2004).

Awareness-sensibilization about the protection and the possibilities of sustainable development of the mountain Pelion as a Natura 2000 site. Ministry of Environment (2003-04).

Laboratory Infrastructure

Plotter HP Designjet T790 e-Printer.

Analog cartographic Data.

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