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Laboratory of Bio-Organic Chemistry

Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
+30 2410 565299
Research Categories
Mass Spectroscopy
Organic Compounds
Structure Of Organic Molecules

The Laboratory of Bio-organic chemistry in the Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology at University of Thessaly focuses on the synthesis of modified nucleoside analogues which contain biologically important structural features such as unsaturation, fluorine, sulfur, exomethylene, keto and cyano functional groups. It was found that most of the newly synthesized derivatives so far are efficient tumor cell growth inhibitors and promising candidates in combating rotaviral infections. Lately base modified nucleoside analogues proved to be capable of inhibiting glycogen phosphorylase and poly(A)-specific ribonuclease, while promising antitumor activity was also observed.

Research Activities

Bioactive unsaturated ketonucleosides. Synthesis and biological evaluation of fluoroketonucleosides of adenine and cytosine.

Synthesis of novel keto and exomethylene pyranonucleosides with antiviral and cytostatic activity.

Synthesis of a novel class of fluoro-sulfur nucleosides with potential antiviral and anticancer activity.

Cyano and ethynyl- pyranonucleosides: Synthesis and evaluation of antiviral and anticancer activity.

Synthesis and biochemical evaluation of novel modified nucleosides and glucopyranosyl amides. 

Synthesis of modified on the heterocyclic base pyranonoucleosides as potential antiviral, anticancer and antidiabetic agents.

Synthesis of novel trifluoromethyl and difluoromethyl pyranonucleosides with antiviral and cytotoxic activity. 

Halogenophenyl-pyrroles as novel antiviral, anticancer and antioxidant agents.

Research Projects

Μodified Ιsoniazids Αgainst AIDS’ American institute of Health.

Research program corporation Greece-Slovenia : Synthesis and biological evaluation of a novel class of amino-fluoronucleosides with potential antiviral and anticancer activity.

Research program Pythagoras II : "Molecular detection of enteroviruses in clinical samples and the environment". "Impact on public health".

Research program corporation Greece-France: Human angiogenin as a molecular target of anticancer drug development.

Research program Aristeia I : "Structure-assisted Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Bioactive compounds for type 2 Diabetes mellitus".

Pyranosyl amides as new therapeutic agents for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.

Laboratory Infrastructure

Thermo Scientific Nicolet IR100 FT-IR spectrometer.

PG T70 UV–VIS spectrometer.

Autopol I polarimeter.

LC-MS spectrometer (Finnigan AQA).


HPFC with UV detector. 

Microwave synthesizer CEM Explorer Discover. 

Cryocooler (Neslab, CC-100 II).

4 rotary evaporators (Kika-Werke).

Research Results / Products

Design and synthesis of novel anticancer agents with increased cytotoxicity compared to the already used drugs.

Design and synthesis of glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors as novel anti-diabetic drugs.

Design and synthesis of pyrrolo quinoxaline analogues as novel antioxidant and antiviral agents.

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